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The Mighty M…….

mighty trainer fitness cartoonTired of being beaten up and needing to make a change M stumbled upon Armadillo’s gym determined to get swole. He bench pressed and did endless biceps curls until a stranger approached him offering advice.

A bromance was formed.

Little did M know that Pompeii was preparing him for the day when he would have to fight the battle. You see, Pompeii had descovered the Brorilla’s weakness too late and knew he was doomed. He noticed M’s determination and passion for the iron and taught him to how to train his legs not once a week, but everyday.

The reasoning was simple. The Brorilla’s were strong and many but their desire to show off led them with twigs for legs. This was the secret and Pompeii knew it so M squatted, deadlifted, and lunged until he couldn’t stand.

M obtained the mystical protein powder during Pompeii’s final battle. He sensed something was up but didn’t realize that Pompeii had been fighting a thankless battle for decades. The Brozilla’s finally overwhelmed him but not before M grabbed the mystical protein and ran away — all of the painful leg training paid off.

After finding out Pompeii’s secret and dirty underground of the fitness World M took a leap of faith and drank the protein. With one sip he became….. THE MIGHTY TRAINER