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The Gimmick

Gimmick mighty trainer fitness cartoonThe Gimmick’s real name is Jeff and he’s a car mechanic from Hoboken New Jersey. Jeff gets bored quick so hops on every bandwagon. Back in Richard Simmons days he was sweaten’ to the oldies before tackling Tae Bo in his 1 bedroom subsidized apartment.

Jeff’s first wife divorced him in 2008 which left his life in disarray. He lost his job and found himself staying up until the wee hours of the night watching fitness infomercials looking for “the secret”. With his welfare cheques he bought everything from Tony Little’s Gazelle to the ab circle pro. It was the ab belt with built in EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) that would change his life.

Wearing his ab belt for the required 30 minutes Jeff, in a zombielike fashion, looked over at the clock and brushed his hand across the desk. His glass of water came crashing down onto the ab felt sending an electric EMS shockwave throughout his body.

He was unconscious for days before waking up in the hospital. Immediately he felt… different. Jeff un-hooked the IV and ran out of the hospital. For the first time in his life he felt recharged, powerful, even magical.

To match his new-found power Jeff grew a mustache that was pointy on the end. He took on the psuedonym “The Gimmick” and doesn’t answer to Jeff anymore.

The Gimmick has dedicated his second life to extolling the virtues of whatever the new equipment is on the market. He’ll spend hours cherry-picking research from “experts” about how they’ve finally figured out the secret only to change his mind when something new comes out.

The Gimmick pisses off real trainees everywhere.

Oh… and he can fly, cause we said so.