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Shadow Boxa

Shadow Boxa mighty trainer fitness cartoonKevin McMillan Grew up on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow, Scotland and was forced into a series of knife fights at a young age. None were as important as the fight that occurred on the pitch during the 1980 Scottish Cup Final between his beloved Celtic and the despised Rangers.

The fight left Kevin bloodied but worst of all insulted his families pride so much that he was kicked out of the house. Forced to live on the streets McMillan trained in the shadows destined to gain back the respect of his family. He weaved, jabbed, and uppercutted the dark night surviving on day old doughnuts and expired mutton ham for years before his destiny arrived.

The year was 1991 and Jay Armadillo had traveled to Scotland in search for the mysterious Shadow Boxer. Back then Jay ran an underground boxing circuit and scoured the world to find the most desperate souls to pit against one another. He needed a new attraction and Kevin was perfect.

Back in the United States Jay’s evil grew on Kevin so much that he lost his identity. He started to wear all black and stopped speaking. He became a man possessed as he weaved nonsensically while he starred determined into a mirror for hours.

Over time he forgot his name and became known as the Shadow Boxa (this was his moniker in Armadillo’s underground boxing circuit). Everyday he would train without food or water — punching, jabbing, weaving like a crazy man. The insane focus helped him rise to stardom in the underground boxing circuit and he was primed to be a champion.

Shadow Boxa never saw the letter from the World Boxing Association offering him a chance on an HBO speical. Armadillo ripped it to shreads. The myserious Scottish boxer was too valuable to him and was kept on a tight leash.

Armadillo amassed a fortune by abusing Shadow Boxa’s underground fame. He used this fortune to start a chain of gyms so he could rip off the public by tricking them into nonsensical contracts.

20 years later and Shadow Boxa is a man changed. What begun as a valiant effort to get back the respect of his family has turned into a non-sensical boxing match against air. He’s got no sense of space and hops around the gym like an idiot but if you get in his way you may just start throwing. Hypnotized by fear the Shadow Boxa still obeys every word that Armadillo says, no matter how evil.