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Mythical Protein

Mythical protein mightytrainer fitness comicIt was the year 1607 and famed samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi was in the middle of his Musha shugyō (warriors pilgramage). It was at Mount Fuji that he came across a crevice in the ground. Confused but brave Musashi jumped into the darkness. Down he fell for what felt like an eternity until all of a sudden he hit solid ground. He lit a match and saw a shrine.

Rose petals lined the ground that led Musashi to a table where a plastic bottle sat (which is weird because plastic wasn’t man-made until 1862). Cracks in the cave seemed to have been carved as they allowed light to seep in and engulf the bottle. Thinking something mystical must be up due to the epicness of the scene Musashi grabbed the bottle and never told a soul. It wasn’t until April 13, 1612 that he tasted the sweet power of the contents.

It was this day that Musashi was meant to fight Sasaki Kojiō (The Demon of the Western Provinces). Nervous, Musashi decided to taste what was in the bottle. Immediately he felt the immense power it contained. He decided to insult Sasaki by showing up late to the duel and fight with a bokken (wooden practice sword) against Sasaki’s nodachi (badass real sword). The duel was short, Musashi won.

Musashi kept the mythical protein a secret until his death where it was discovered. Worried it would get in the wrong hands the protein was put in a shrine underneath Mount Fuji. There it would stay until Beowulf discovered it.

Beowulf was bad ass and the protein was his sidekick (the guy fought demons after all). Knowing the power of the mythical protein he decided to have it buried along with him on the island of Geatland in Sweden.

It was here that Pompeii discovered the secret that had been used to fight so many epic battles in history. He decided to harness the power and fight a battle close to any real gym trainees heart.

Samurai duels, demons, and gym idiots — Seems like a reasonable progression to me.