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Durga mighty trainer fitness cartoonDurga didn’t have a normal childhood. Her parents originally hail from Bangladesh, India emigrating upon finding out that they were pregnant. Despite being a doctor at home Durga’s father was forced to the midnight shift driving a taxi to provide for the family. Her mother started her schooling in America and quickly rose to a high power management position.

Her parents other commitments led Durga to a solitude life and she always felt different. She grew up without friends and immersed herself with readings of her homeland dreaming of visiting when she finished high school. At 17 years of age she made her dream come true and this is where it all began…

Her second day in India featured a visit to the Dharmrajeshwar Buddhist cave. It was the grand fair that occurs every year to celebrate Shivaratri and she became so englufed in the celebration she lost track of her footing. All of a sudden she fell…

and fell…

and fell.

The 2s fall seemed like an eternity. Her life flashed before her eyes before she hit a mattress of hay. Confused and blurry-eyed she looked up at a demented figure looking down at her and, with a smile, it said:

“I knew you’d come Durga — We’ve been waiting for you. My name is Yeda, follow me.”

You see, Durga arriving at Dharmrajesh was no accident. It was fate and a fate her parents wanted desperately to change by moving to America. Durga’s family are the direct descendants of the Devi “Durga” who was summoned by the Gods and possesed all of their combined powers to fight Mahishasura. As such, the first born daughter of the descendants possess God-like power and with great power comes great responsibility.

Years of training with Yeda allowed Durga to harness her natural power. One night Yeda told her of the plight that the fitness World is having:

“Many women in America, far too many, are being tricked into believing stupid myths that defy human physiology and biomechanics. Inane things like women should not lift heavy weights and that muscle can be brought closer to the skin. These myths are being perpetuated by Circe and her legions of Kimbos. They are many in number. Worse yet, they have the support of many large and powerful organisations because of their ability to use lies to sell expensive and products that don’t work.

You must go to America and stop Circe. Continue your weight training there. In the public eye use your intelligence, beauty, grace, and strength as an example. When you get the opportunity rip the gossip mags out of the Kimbos hands and beat Circe mercissisly with them.”

With that Durga traveled to Armadillo gym to start her battle against Circe and be the example to teach women the right way to train.