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Mighty Trainer fitness comic

8 Reasons to Sign Up

1. It’s free.

2. You get a Durga bloodbath comic that will never be published on the site. For all those women out there who get frustrated by the condescending looks from myth-following Kimbo’s this was drawn for you.

3. You get an email sent right to your inbox every time a new comic is posted. Just imagine, you can be the first to share the comic right when it comes out. Science has shown that those who share the Mighty Trainer comic first will increase their coolness factor by 10. (Note: this is not a scientific fact)

4.  By signing up you support a movement to eliminate gym idiots. It’s an easy way to restore sanity to the gym world.

5. You get a Mighty Trainer bloodbath comic that will never be published on the site. I won’t ruin it — this one is awesome.

6. You can opt out anytime and will never hear from us again. No hard feelings.

7.  You’ll occasionally get sent super-secret stuff sent right to you. We like surprised and know you do to so won’t ruin it for you.

8. It’s free. Seriously, not a penny so what are you waiting for. The secret comics you get will crack you up.