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jon goodman teiko reindorf mighty trainerMighty Trainer was created by two personal trainers from Toronto, Teiko Reindorf and Jonathan Goodman. Unfortunately, after some serious soul-searching, they realized that they weren’t very funny. The allure of making fun of gym idiots was too strong so they brought on one of the funniest trainers in the business as a jokes guy, Rog Law.

Here’s a little more info about Jon, Teiko, and Rog.

Jon Goodman became frustrated about the quality of personal training so he wrote Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career. The book became an instant hit and is a must-read for any new or existing personal trainer who cares about their job. Currently it’s being translated into German for a larger European distribution.

Jon also started thePTDC.com (Personal Trainer Development Center) which is a free collaborative blogging resource for personal trainers. If you’re in the fitness industry make sure to check it out. You can also read his musings on marketing and social media at www.viralnomics.com

His latest book, Race to the Top: How to Take Over the Social Media Feed is blowing up bookshelves. If you do business of any kind on the internet and want to understand the theory behind social media and learn how to use it this books for you. The fact that you’re reading this proves Jon knows what he’s talking about.

The Mighty Trainer is a labor of love for Jon. He’s a guy who loves everything about fitness which is why it’s ok to make fun of it every week. You can check him out on Twitter or Facebook.

Teiko Reindorf is a personal trainer based out of Toronto Canada.

Teiko has been training for the past 10 years he runs his own in-home personal training business Encore Personal Training and has also Authored Drop your Freshman 15, a fat loss guide for university students.

Prior to becoming a personal trainer Teiko went to school for graphic design and illustration, in fact if you’re asking one who knew Teiko going up what they thought he would be when he grew up you can be sure that most people would say an artist.

Nowadays Teiko spends the majority of his time training clients, sketching comic panels for the mighty trainer or coming up with strategic marketing plans for young trainers.

You can connect with Teiko on Twitter or Facebook

rog law fitness funny gymRog Law is the illegitimate love child of Will Smith, Stacey Dash and Chuck Norris. A fitness expert who is awkwardly handsome with a big ‘ol booty to boot, Rog Law is the first person in history to perform a plank without using his arms or legs. Rog also won the World Series of Poker using YuGiOh cards.

To find out more about his fun, relaxed and nerdy approach to fitness and life, visit RogLawFitness.com